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11-24-08 How To Deal with the High Cost of Fertility Meds
How To Deal with the High Cost of Fertility Meds
11-17-08 Study Shows Age of Male Affects Pregnancy Rates
Study Shows Age of Male Affects Pregnancy Rates
11-14-08 Diabetes Linked to Male Infertility
Diabetes Linked to Male Infertility
03-24-06 Sperm Studies Could Open New Doors to Male Infertility Causes
Sperm Studies Could Open New Doors to Male Infertility Causes
01-27-06 Critical Protein May be Key to Fertility
Critical Protein May be Key to Fertility
12-30-05 The Gene That’s Key to Fertilization Uncovered
The Gene That's Key to Fertilization Uncovered
12-14-05 Birth Defects: IVF or Infertility?
Birth Defects: IVF or Infertility?
12-07-05 Infertile Men Face Higher Testicular Cancer Risk, Doctors Warn
Infertile Men Face Higher Testicular Cancer Risk, Doctors Warn
12-07-05 Ibuprofen Safe for ART Patients, Says Study
Ibuprofen Safe for ART Patients, Says Study
11-30-05 Docs Assess Three Therapy Approaches for Poor IVF Responders
Docs Assess Three Therapy Approaches for Poor IVF Responders
11-30-05 Experts: ART Use is Increasing Worldwide
Experts: ART Use is Increasing Worldwide
11-14-05 Improving Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Is Conference Focus
11-14-05 Pregnancy Risks: IVF or Something Else to Blame?
11-02-05 Refining Egg Freezing Process Boosts Success Odds, Finds Study
11-02-05 Longer Pregnancy Attempts Affect Pregnancy Success, Say Doctors
10-25-05 Seminatural Ovulation Induction May Benefit Older Women, Study Suggests
10-25-05 Men Who Smoke Risk Impairing Their Sperm, Warn Doctors
10-18-05 Uterus Cancer May Boost Ovarian Cancer Risk: Study
10-11-05 Frozen Ovary Transplants May be 'Practicable' for Women
10-04-05 Connecticut Passes Fertility Coverage Law
10-04-05 Common Pesticide May be Infertility Culprit in Women
09-27-05 Chewing Tobacco May Harm Sperm, Warn Doctors
09-27-05 Extending Fertility in Older Women: Nitric Oxide?
09-20-05 Embryos Implanted in IVF Fail More Often Than Not: Doctors
09-20-05 How Does Sperm Get Into That Egg?
09-16-05 Cutting-Edge Technique May Offer New Fertility Option After Cancer Therapy
09-06-05 IVF Mothers Face Emotional, Parenting Challenges, Finds Study
09-06-05 PGD May Ease Miscarriage Risk After IVF in Older Patients
08-30-05 Feeling Stressed Out? It Won't Affect Your IVF Success, Doctors Assure
08-30-05 Docs Question Tap Water's Link to Miscarriage
08-24-05 Is There Still Hope After 40?
08-16-05 Women with PCOS May Face Higher Cardiovascular Risk: Research
08-16-05 Acupuncture May Improve Sperm Quality, Say Researchers
08-10-05 Researchers: Women May Not Have Limited Egg Supply
08-10-05 Experts Stress Repeat Miscarriage May Hint at Underlying Medical Problem
08-02-05 Responding to Fertility Meds (or not) May Be Based on a Gene: Study
08-02-05 Cigarette Smoking and Infertility Underscored in New Study
07-26-05 Infertility May Boost Cancer Risk, Researchers Warn
07-26-05 Study: Plasticizer Exposure May Not Harm Male Fertility
07-19-05 Miscarriage May be Linked to Protein Levels
07-12-05 Obesity Doesn't Reduce IVF Success with Donor Eggs, says Study
07-12-05 Doctors: Frozen Embryos May Increase Odds of ART Success
07-05-05 Infertility: More Men Facing the Diagnosis?
07-05-05 Docs Suggest Way to Boost Sperm Quality for ART
06-28-05 Sperm and Eggs To Order? Stem Cells May Make it Possible
06-28-05 Pesticides May Damage Sperm, Study Implies
06-21-05 Woman Gives Birth Following Ovary Transplant
06-21-05 ART-Related Genetic Disorders Are Few, Physicians Find
06-14-05 Paternal Age Tied To Miscarriage Risk?
06-14-05 Connecticut Considers Infertility Insurance Mandate
06-07-05 Fibroid Removal May Boost ART Success, Study Suggests
06-07-05 Depression May be Higher in New Moms Following Multiple Birth in ART
06-01-05 Update: FDA Adjusts Donor Screening Requirements
05-31-05 'Side-Stream' Smoking May Affect Female Fertility: Doctors
05-31-05 Infertility Molecule May be Key to Implantation Success
05-24-05 IVF Sized up Against Other Infertility Treatments
05-24-05 Patient Advocacy Group Condemns New Donation Screening Guidelines
05-17-05 Scientists Produce Human Eggs from Stem Cells
05-17-05 Docs Focus on Options for Premature Ovarian Failure
05-10-05 Experts: Chemotherapy Has Negative Impact on IVF
05-03-05 Study: Physical Development Slower in Twins Born from ART
05-03-05 Blood Vessel Evolution in Early Pregnancy is Focus in Miscarriage Study
04-26-05 High Blood Pressure May Predict Fibroids, Docs Claim
04-26-05 Breast Cancer Patients May Find Fertility Hope in Drug Combo
04-19-05 Smoking, Obesity May Lower Odds of IVF Success
04-12-05 Non-Surgical Fibroid Option Has Long-Lasting Effects: Study
04-12-05 Diet Drug May be PCOS Treatment
04-05-05 Can High Hormones Prevent Your Pregnancy?
03-29-05 Obesity, Not Fertility Drugs, Ups Twin Risk: Study
04-05-05 FDA Okays Drug for Endometriosis Pain
03-29-05 Peering Into the Origins of Male Infertility, In Mice
03-22-05 Choosing Child's Sex in ART is Appealing, Survey Finds
03-22-05 Sperm/Egg Union Requires Specific Protein, Say Docs
03-15-05 Carnitine Supplements May Boost Sperm Mobility
03-15-05 Uncovering Testicular Cancer Even Earlier: Study
03-08-05 Atlanta Fertility Clinic to Offer Patients Mind/Body Approach
03-08-05 PCOS Linked to Higher Risk of Liver Disease
03-01-05 What Separates Treatment Success from Failure? The Uterine Lining, Suggests Study
03-01-05 Nevada Clinic Offers Egg Freezing as ART Option
03-01-05 Docs Tout Benefit of Laparoscopy to Remove Fibroids
02-22-05 Experts Gauge Parents' Views on Sperm Donation
02-22-05 State Legislature Ponders Mandating Infertility Insurance
02-15-05 Inflammation-Fighting Drugs May be Key to Endometriosis Treatment
02-15-05 New Oral Fertility Drugs in the Pipeline, say Experts
02-08-05 The Infertility Workup: A Way to Relieve Men's Angst?
02-08-05 Patient Group to Draw up Guidance on Embryo Donation
02-01-05 Docs: ART Screening Guidelines Should be Standardized
02-01-05 Researchers Underscore Potential of In Vitro Maturation in IVF
02-01-05 Unique Capsule May Provide Fertility Protection
01-25-05 Study: Ovulation Response Can Predict IVF Outcome
01-25-05 Certain Infertility Tests are Unjustified, British Doctors Stress
01-18-05 Report Underscores Success of ART
01-18-05 Doctors Downplay ICSI Risks
01-18-05 Sperm Stem Cells Grown in Lab Experiment
01-11-05 Fibroid Therapy May Not Forestall Fertility
01-11-05 Endometriosis May be Connected to Migraine Headache: Study
01-07-05 Docs Try Unique Gene Therapy Approach to Shrink Fibroids
01-04-05 Can Phytoestrogens Boost IVF Success Rates?
12-21-04 Laptop Use May Impair Male Fertility: Study
12-21-04 Docs: Varicocele Therapy Early On May Protect Paternity
12-14-04 Anti-Inflammatory Drug May Boost Implant Success
12-14-04 Ultrasound Approach May be Newest Fibroid Fix, Doctors Report
12-14-04 Breast Cancer Patients Express Concern About Future Fertility
12-07-04 Wait Until Day 3 to Transfer Embryos, Study Suggests
12-07-04 Docs: Long Bed Rest Not Necessary After Embryo Transfer
11-30-04 Hormone Combo May Aid Endometriosis Pain
11-30-04 Diabetes Medication Found Effective for PCOS Women
11-23-04 PCOS May be Intertwined with Heart Disease Risk
11-23-04 Children Born from Sperm Donors Want to Learn Their Origins: Study
11-16-04 PGD Faces Scrutiny in IVF
11-16-04 Ovarian Autotransplant Found Feasible to Preserve Fertility
11-16-04 Government Okays Uterine Fibroid Approach
11-10-04 Acupuncture in IVF Demonstrates Promising Results in New Study
11-09-04 Implantation Success Varies After IVF, but Unique Protein May be the Key
11-02-04 Multiple Pregnancy: Docs Set Sights on Lowering the Risk in IVF
11-02-04 Miscarriage Risk Higher in Drinking Couples, Doctors Stress
10-26-04 Paving the Way for Future Fertility After Cancer
10-26-04 Racial Differences Found in IVF Success
10-26-04 Expert Panel Delves Into ART Health Risks
10-19-04 Doctors Check for Neurological Disorders in Twins Born After ART
10-19-04 Unique Sperm Freezing Method Called 'Easy', 'Inexpensive'
10-12-04 Anxious About Your Treatment? You Have Plenty of Company
10-12-04 Do Borderline Ovarian Tumors Affect Infertility Treatment Success?
10-05-04 Experts Hail Report of Birth Following Ovarian Tissue Transplant
10-05-04 Sonography Urged for Men During Infertility Testing
09-28-04 Fertility Drugs Have No Link to Breast Cancer: Study
09-28-04 Docs Attempt Egg Freezing Experiment
09-28-04 Therapy for Common Male Infertility Problem Scrutinized
09-28-04 Infertility Education Spotlighted During Awareness Week
09-23-04 Leptin May Aid Ovulation Troubles, Doctors Say
09-22-04 Fibroids' Possible Link to Miscarriage Uncovered
09-14-04 Shedding Pounds May Boost Ovulation Success in PCOS
09-14-04 Study: Fertility Not Affected by Tubal Pregnancy Therapy
09-07-04 Docs: Smoking Plus Alcohol Use Affects Sperm Quality
09-07-04 Sleep Rhythm Could be Tied to Fertility Function, Say Doctors
08-24-04 Some Couples Not Aware of Multiple Birth Risks in ART, Study Suggests
08-24-04 Studies: Physical Therapy May Aid IVF Outcomes
08-17-04 Miscarriage May be Intertwined with Thyroid Hormone
08-17-04 Testis Tissue Transplant Yields Viable Sperm
08-10-04 Treating Fibroids Requires Dual Approach, Docs Say
08-10-04 Endometriosis: It's All In Your Nerves?
08-03-04 Study: Boosting Nitric Oxide Contributes to Implantation Failure
08-03-04 Repeat Miscarriage Could be Blamed on Blood Problems
08-03-04 Tomato Ingredient May Attack Fibroids
07-27-04 Diet Linked to Endometriosis Risk
07-27-04 Docs Give Sperm a Boost in IUI
07-20-04 Shutting Off Blood Vessels Might Be New Endometriosis Approach
07-20-04 African Plant May Harbor Answers for Male Infertility
07-13-04 First-Ever Pregnancy Reported from Ovarian Transplant
07-13-04 Docs Target Immune System as Miscarriage Cause
07-06-04 Study: Cell Phone Use May Damage Sperm
07-06-04 Does Diet Affect Your Reproductive Health?
07-06-04 Embryo Donation: A Sensitive Topic for Kids Later?
06-29-04 Endometrioma Surgery May Not Improve IVF Results
06-29-04 Predicting Future Fertility May Lie in Unique Ultrasound Test
06-22-04 Study: Low-Dose Aspirin May Boost Conception Chances
06-22-04 A New Approach to PCOS Treatment
06-22-04 Fertility Drugs' Link to Cancer Called 'Reassuring'
06-15-04 New Fibroid Therapy Clears Final Hurdle
06-08-04 Trying to Get Pregnant? Docs Say Snuff Out the Smokes
06-08-04 Sperm Count Challenges May Lead to Disease, Doctors Warn
06-08-04 Decades-Old Sperm Found Viable
06-01-04 Pregnancy Loss After IVF: What Causes It?
06-01-04 Air Pollution May Affect Sperm Health
05-25-04 Docs Lend Credence to Frozen Sperm for IVF
05-25-04 Delays in IVF Success May Not Be Pregnancy Denials, Doctors Suggest
05-25-04 Multiple Pregnancy Rate Declining, Say Doctors
05-18-04 Potential Endometriosis Drug Faces Trial Scrutiny
05-18-04 Country Crooner Who Faced Infertility Has Twins
05-18-04 Protein Unique to Men May Improve Fertility
05-11-04 PCOS Patients Face Higher Cardiovascular Disease Risk
05-11-04 Chlamydia Infection, Infertility, and the Male Factor
05-04-04 Patient Angst Tied to Odds of Treatment Success
05-04-04 Large Study Probes Cancer Risk After Ovulation Induction Therapy
04-27-04 Fibroid Treatment Has No Effect On Ovarian Reserve, Finds Study
04-27-04 FDA Approves New Gonal-F Doses
04-13-04 Doctors Reveal Possible Miscarriage Clue
04-13-04 Study: Varying Clomiphene Citrate Regimen May Affect Pregnancy Rate
04-06-04 Doctors: Multiples After IVF Can Boost First-Time Moms' Stress
04-06-04 FDA Okays Uterine Fibroid Combination Therapy
04-01-04 Bioethics Panel Urges Stepped Up Infertility Scrutiny
03-30-04 Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relievers May Affect Your Conception Ability
03-30-04 Osteoporosis Drug May Combat Uterine Fibroids
03-23-04 Doctors Offer New Hope for Female Fertility
03-23-04 Easing the Twin Risk: Study Urges Single Transfer Approach in IVF
03-23-04 In Britain, Your First IVF Treatment Is Free, Government Announces
03-24-04 New Follistim Delivery Pen Wins Government Approval
03-16-04 Preserving Fertility After Cancer Treatment
03-16-04 Sperm: Freeze-Dried for Reproduction?
03-09-04 Doctors Investigate 'Patient Friendly' Oral Contraceptive Protocol
03-09-04 ART Versus Natural Conception: Are the Risks The Same for Twins?
03-02-04 Uterine Proteins May Boost Risk of Miscarriage
03-02-04 Experts: Epilepsy Drugs Worsen Male Infertility
02-24-04 Report Condemns Smoking as Harmful to Fertility and Reproductive Health
02-24-04 Breast Cancer Drug May Wind Up Becoming Effective for Endometriosis
02-24-04 Italian Lawmakers Approve Restrictive Assisted Reproduction Law
02-17-04 Docs Clarify High Male Hormone Disorder, and Offer Therapy Options
02-17-04 Anonymous Donation in Britain To Soon Be A Thing Of the Past
02-17-04 Twins Born from 12-Year-Old Frozen Embryos
02-10-04 Ethics Panel Backs Off Some ART Oversight Proposals
02-10-04 Age Makes Conception Difficult, Not Impossible
02-03-04 Ethics of Embryo Genetic Technique Enter Spotlight
02-03-04 ART's Possible Link to Childhood Health
01-27-04 Docs: Preventing Repeat Tubal Pregnancies Is Not Easy
01-27-04 Menstrual Cycle Monitoring May Not Always Hit the Mark
01-27-04 Endometriosis Linked With Certain Cancers
01-20-04 Lighting Up: The Possible Link to Infertility
01-20-04 Egg Freezing Technique Proves Successful in New Jersey Experiment
01-13-04 Sperm Counts Are Plunging, Experts Warn
01-20-04 Fertility Drug Now Available as Prefilled Syringe
01-13-04 Uterine Lining Health is Essential to Pregnancy
01-13-04 Anti-Obesity Drug May Be Effective PCOS Therapy
01-13-04 'Friends' Star Overcomes Infertility Challenges
01-06-04 Children Play Big Role in Infertility Stress, Say Doctors
01-06-04 Docs Find Older Sperm Have More Damage
12-30-03 How Successful is ART in America?
12-30-03 Docs Look At How ICSI Children Fare Later
12-23-03 Consider Your Options Carefully in Egg/Sperm Donation, Says Ethics Panel
12-23-03 Bringing New Sperm To Life
12-16-03 Can Breast Cancer Treatment Boost Infertility Risk?
12-16-03 Ultrasound Technique May Predict Miscarriage
12-09-03 Endometriosis Can Block Conception Ability
12-09-03 Brain Might be to Blame for Ovulation Woes
12-02-03 Government May Step In on Some Infertility Techniques
12-02-03 Vaginosis: More Common Than Some Thought
11-25-03 Hot Tubs May Hike Miscarriage Risk
11-25-03 Asherman's Syndrome Can Be Cause of Your Infertility
11-18-03 Sharing Eggs Still Means You Can Have Your Own Baby, British Docs Say
11-18-03 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy May Treat Ovary Problems
11-11-03 Conception Setbacks? Brace for Possible Complications at Birth, says Study
11-11-03 Successful Fertility Technique Raises Controversy
11-04-03 Embryo Donation: Are Couples Getting The Facts?
11-04-03 Another Option for Unsuccessful IVF Procedures
10-28-03 Docs: Obese Men More Likely to be Infertile
10-28-03 A New Therapy for PCOS?
10-21-03 Protecting Reproductive Health In the Face of Other Medical Conditions
10-21-03 ART Safety Comes Under Scrutiny
10-14-03 More Infertility Research Needed, Expert Stresses
10-14-03 After Miscarriage, The Cold Shoulder is Not Uncommon
10-14-03 Luveris Wins Partial Approval As Infertility Treatment
10-13-03 Experts Hope To Clarify ART’s Health Effects
09-23-03 ART’s Multiple Birth Risk Underscored in New Federal Report
09-23-03 ‘Prompt’ Advice Can Ease Couples’ Infertility Stress
09-23-03 New Sperm Cells Produced In Stem Cell Experiment
09-16-03 Six Proven Ways to Fight Fertility Failure
09-16-03 Need Treatment For Your PCOS? It Depends On Your Symptoms
09-16-03 UAE May Ease Fibroid Pain
09-16-03 Egg Freezing Technique May Face Clinical Trials Soon
09-09-03 Are Your Sperm and Eggs Compatible?
09-02-03 Infertility Drugs' Link to Breast Cancer Refuted
09-02-03 Does Obesity Cause Complications in Assisted Reproduction?
09-02-03 Chlamydia Cases May be Higher Than First Thought
08-26-03 Pregnancy Painkillers May Boost Miscarriage Odds
08-26-03 Storing Sperm at Home? Experts Say Why Not?
08-19-03 Congress to Weigh Nationwide ART Coverage
08-19-03 Study: Surrogate Moms' Emotional Ties to Infants Exaggerated
08-12-03 7 Ways to Beat the Infertility Blues
08-12-03 IVF's Connection to Tubal Pregnancy Uncovered
08-05-03 Your Fertility May Depend On One Gene
07-29-03 Uterus Transplantations See Successful Result
07-29-03 Sperm Searching Technique May Benefit Infertile Men
07-29-03 Prebirth Chemical Exposure Linked to Later Male Fertility Woes
07-22-03 Frozen Egg Technique Results in Successful Birth
07-22-03 Survey Finds Third of U.S. Egg Donors Wouldn't Do It Again
07-15-03 Health of IVF Children Confirmed in New Study
07-15-03 Male Infertility Problem Might Be Passed to Children Later
07-15-03 Doctors: Women's Ovaries Work Differently Than We Thought
07-08-03 Sperm Saving Technique To Improve Fertility Has Little Value, Experts Say
07-08-03 In-Vitro Maturation Called Safe Technique for Infertility
07-08-03 Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome Origins Uncovered
07-01-03 Herbicide Use Linked to Poorer Sperm Quality
07-01-03 Doctors Zero In on Endometriosis Gene
06-24-03 PCOS May Hike Heart Disease Risk
06-24-03 Preserving Ovarian Function, and Fertility, in Women With Cancer
06-17-03 Doctors: Single Egg Implant in IVF Carries Risk of Twins
06-17-03 ART Provides Safe Alternative to HIV-Infected Men, Say French Researchers
06-10-03 Scientists Speculate About Fertility Drugs' Ovarian Cancer Risk
06-10-03 Male Fertility Gene Revealed
06-03-03 Robotic Surgery Is Newest Option For Uterine Fibroids
06-03-03 Experts: ART Does Not Hike Miscarriage Risk
06-03-03 Treatment for Varicoceles Does Not Improve Male Fertility, Say Doctors
05-27-03 Saliva-Based Ovulation Tests Emerge
05-27-03 Doctors: A Man's Age May Affect Miscarriage Risk
05-20-03 Infertility-Related Emotional Distress May Lead to Male Sexual Problems
05-20-03 Considering the Risks of Multiple Pregnancy in ART
05-13-03 Diet, Exercise, Stress: Are These Causing Your Infertility?
05-13-03 Unprecedented Study: Mouse Embryos Formed From Stem Cells
05-06-03 Body Weight and Fertility Risk
05-06-03 Study: Traffic Pollution May Impact Male Fertility
04-29-03 Exposure to Bright Light May Trigger Ovulation
04-29-03 Docs Study Embryo Genes as Measure of IVF Success
04-29-03 Low Folate Levels May Hike Miscarriage Risk
04-22-03 Chromium Picolinate: PCOS Treatment or Sterility Cause?
04-22-03 Common Chemical Used in Fragrances May Cause Sperm Damage
04-15-03 Study: ICSI Children Lead Normal Lives
04-15-03 Uterine Fibroid Patients Can Have Successful Pregnancies, Doctors Find
04-15-03 Sperm Attracting Molecule Uncovered
04-08-03 Assessing Egg and Embryo Viability
04-08-03 Study: Rural Men Possess Poorer Sperm Quality
04-08-03 Studies Demonstrate How to Preserve Male Infertility After Cancer Treatment
04-01-03 War, Terrorism Fears May Cause Unnecessary Stress
04-01-03 Which Infertility Treatment Is Right For You? It Depends, Expert Explains
04-01-03 Experts Link IVF to Bladder Defects in Newborns
04-01-03 Common Infertility Misconceptions
03-25-03 Pregnancy Risks Linked to Uterine Fibroid Procedure Draw Mixed Conclusions
03-25-03 Experts: Testicular Cancer Does Not Automatically Spell Infertility
03-18-03 Teen Girls Facing PCOS Fear Future Fertility
03-18-03 Studies Assess Industrial Chemicals, Fumes as Fertility Risks
03-18-03 IVF and Genetic Disorder Linked
03-11-03 Cancer Radiation During Childhood May Affect Future Pregnancy
03-11-03 Study: Embyro's Ability to Attach to Uterus Requires Mere Nanograms of Estrogen
03-11-03 Doctors Don't Always Follow ART Guidelines to Prevent Multiple Pregnancy
03-04-03 Ovarian Cancer Survivors Can Retain Fertility
03-04-03 Lighting Up, Pelvic Infections Up Tubal Pregnancy Risk
02-25-03 Sperm Sense Egg's Position Using Heat Seeking Mechanism
02-25-03 Too Much Lead May Make Men Infertile, Study Finds
02-23-03 Can Tests Pinpoint Cause For Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?
02-23-03 Endometriosis, Infertility Link Probed By Researchers
02-16-03 Male Fertility Declines With Age, Say Experts
02-15-03 Celebrities Openly Discuss Infertility Woes
02-16-03 Support Groups Have Psychological Benefit
01-25-03 Common Infection Linked To Miscarriage Risk, Say British Researchers
01-23-03 Acupuncture May Have Fertility Benefits
01-21-03 Cholesterol-Fighting Drugs Don't Interfere With Fertility
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